Monday, February 1, 2010

Me, myself and i..


No blaming walls. No punching bags. Just fix the problems..

To that, i found that Allah has made it very clear in one of his enlightening verses:
"And whatever of misfortune befalls you,it is because of what your hands have earned.And He pardons much." (al-Shura 42:30)

I must confess that this verse gave me the shivers.

First is the word misfortune. Misfortune brings the meaning of disaster, trouble, hardship, tragedy,failure, disappoinment, displeasure, distress, trouble and adversity.

Then He the Almighty said whatever. That means everything, doesn't matter what, all, every single one, entire,whole, total and complete, you agree?

Followed by thee phrase because of my own hands, which simply means i was the one who did it, it was my hands with ten different fingerprints which are uniquely mine that did it!

so..i blame nothing except me, myself, and i for every things.....

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