Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't Take Things For Granted

Oh Allah......what is my problem????

Have you ever stopped to thank your body for all the wonderful things it does for you? How your fingers type what you are thinking or how your legs move or eyes blink? I bet you have not thanked them!

These are just some of the things we take for granted. We take have houses, jobs and even families for granted. There are so many people in the world who do not even have food to eat and you complain about what to make for dinner? We do not always think about things like this but we should. If we take 5 minutes of our time to help another, it may save a life.

I personally hate seeing someone suffer so i do my best to help them in any way i can. I'm no Siti Khadijah R.A but i do believe one hand washes another. Do unto others as you want done unto you. So take time out to help someone less fortunate than you.

A smile. Something so simple can light up a room and give off positive energy. It is very contagious and takes less effort. All of these things give you reason to smile. But as we go through our daily and busy lives, we forget to smile. The most beautiful thing in the world is a smile, followed by a kind word. Give someone a smile and watch them smile back. It's a day brightener. Like what Shafik and Anis said to me before...."pliz smile naseebah..dont show ur masam kelat face.." huhu... so sorry shafik and anis coz i have forgoten dat my smile can brighten up ur day..huhu..

So useful advice: smile whenever you can, laugh at the things you should and grab opportunities with both hands. A small contribution of any kind goes a long way. And remember to thank your body! Luv U dear...luv u ol my frenz..


penguin kutub said...

i want to smile..but suddenly i laugh,..huhu...thanks ikan...opsss..wish u all the best n give me ur smile..luv u ;-)

naseebah (asfal awliya') said...

muahahha...berani u call me ikan in my blog..cess...so sudden my smile turn to lough...hahahahahahahah